Survival is the second law of life.  

The first is that we are all one.--

Joseph Campbell

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Dan Hodgins is one of the wisest people I've come across in the field of child care.   First of all, he has a great sense of humor and second, he completely gets what caring for young children is all about.   He's been around long enough to stand strong in the face of the latest fads and he's humble enough to know that there's always something more to learn.   He helps those of us who work in the trenches with kids to keep opening our eyes to who children really are, which isn't necessarily what all the reports and studies, rules and regulations tell us to see.

Dan writes a monthly newsletter, very short so that we have time to read the whole thing, which is distributed via email to daycare providers in Michigan.   It's also available if you follow him on Facebook or Tumblr.   But he has given me permission to publish it on this website as well, so I'm excited to make Invitations for Learning my new Featured Pick!   Please take a few minutes to catch up on the back issues and then watch my Facebook page where I'll alert you to each new addition.   Also, please let Dan know how much you appreciate the newsletters, if you do.   He often swims against the popular tide to advocate for the well being of your children and that can often be a lonely thankless job.

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