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We aim to consume less but we still need to shop sometimes.   The links here are solely merchandise (though many of the websites in the other areas of our Community section also have wares to sell,) and these vendors meet my stringent standards.   If you know of any others, please tell me so I can add them to our list.  It should go without saying that these are not paid ads.

  • Bower Books publishes the I'm a Michigan Kid books that I love, along with several other beautiful books that I've happily purchased.   It's important for children to have beautiful artwork to look at and these books fill that need as well as providing content that feeds their soul.

  • Cherryopoly is our local version of Monopoly so what could be more fun than that?   For those who live here, used to live here, or who just visit now and then, good old-fashioned board game fun with a landscape we love.   Also this is a small, locally run business with a real heart and soul; my favorite kind.

  • Hazelnut Kids is a great resource for toys and other kid-related stuff.   I've purchased several items from them and found their products of the best quality as well as their service!

  • Naturally You Can Sing is the best place in the world to find music for your child.   It is the life work of Mary Thienes Schunemann, an amazing beautiful soul who started it in 1999 as a company to bring singing and live music back into peoples lives.   She left us in August of 2007, but her work lives on for the time being.   These are the only CDs I would ever recommend that you buy for children so run, don't walk to check out this beautiful site and choose some music for your life.

  • Just as Pleasanton Bakery is owned and operated by the most genuinely uplifting people you will ever meet, their bread is also leavened by a genuine, healing "mother" that has been nurtured for years.   Phytic acid, the component that keeps grains from sprouting before they are soaked by the moist earth, also keeps them from nourishing us.   Like the earth, we must first soak and ferment our grains to encourage them to give up their treasures and sourdough bread does this best.   On top of this we must also chew our grains well because the enzymes in our mouth are as necessary as the ones in our stomach for assimilation.   The chewy crust on bread baked in a stone hearth ensures this vital first step will occur.   We are incredibly fortunate to have this bakery with a heart, a soul and a conscience right here in the midst of us.   Now that they also ship their bread, all my far flung readers are lucky as well.   I can attest that this is the best bread I've ever eaten.   Every flavor.   The cheesy ones are really good dunked in soup.   Must stop, I'm salivating.

  • Scholastic has been bringing books to children for as long as most of us can remember.   I have a deep and abiding love for books and I really don't know any child, when given the chance, who doesn't.   For those who run child care homes or centers, you can start receiveing those never ending, ubiquitous little flyers that helped shape our childhoods and thus our lives.   And this link is only for my clients to place their orders through me.   You need to set up your own user name and password now.   Your one-time class activation code is GKJGP.   Any orders placed on this personal page by those not enrolled in Joyful Noise will be considered donations to the daycare.   If you want to intentionally donate books to Joyful Noise, just indicate "donation" where it asks you the name of the child, and thank you!

  • Syracuse Cultural Workers is an educational and cultural organization founded in 1982.  Their mission is to help sustain a culture that honors diversity and celebrates community; that inspires and nurtures justice, equality and freedom; that respects our fragile Earth and all its beings; that encourages and supports all forms of creative expression.  They have some of the most beautiful paper products, and much more.

Moving toward an inwardly simple life is not about deprivation or denying ourselves the things we want. It's about getting rid of the things that no longer contribute to the fullness of our lives. It's about creating balance between our inner and outer lives.
--Elaine St. James

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