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We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere. --Tim McGraw
  • Articles
    • Polish Girls and Irishmen by my cousin, Tim Bazzett is an article inspired by the book The Grasinski Girls by Mary Erdmans, another cousin of mine.   Tim's reflections on ethnicity, family and the career choice of "just a Mom" are near to my heart and I can't read this without a tear.

    • Morgan Gibson, our beloved friend, has generously given me permission to publish these poems here.   They have all been published in other places, but never before as a collection.   I hope in the future to have a place on the site that does more justice to his writing, but in the meantime, here they are in the pdf file as he sent them to me.

      Morgan Gibson was the lead-off poet in "The Signature of All Things," a Red Hen film of the Kenneth Rexroth Centenary Celebration at Beyond Baroque Poetry Center in Venice, California in December 2005.   His long "I-Thou Poem" for Kenneth Rexroth appears in the Jungle Crows Tokyo anthology and in the Chicago Review archives.   Gibson is the author of two books on Rexroth, two Buddhist books, and Speaking of Light and other books of poetry.   He was a columnist and a contributing editor of Kyoto Journal and a columnist for Printed Matter.   Gibson taught creative writing and modern literature for eleven years at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee and literature and writing at other universities in America and Japan, where he has lived (currently in Yokohama) for over twenty years.   Thank you Morgan!

    • Ben Hansen, my husband, soulmate and friend. And writer.
    • My daughter, Elizabeth, wrote the poem The Women In My Life which speaks so eloquently about our friends and family that I proudly publish it here with her permission.   Thank you to all these women.

  • Books
    • My cousin Tim has written six books: Reed City Boy, Soldier Boy, Pinhead: A Love Story ,Love, War & Polio and Booklover.   These stories are told with that dry sense of humor and wry philosophy that the Bazzetts are known for.   They may be a little too frank or explicit for the more fragile reader, but for the rest of us they're hilarious, tear-jerking and insightful.   In the first book, you'll find my parent's wedding picture!   Tim's Mom, my Aunt Daisy, wrote an introduction to Soldier Boy that makes me wish she would write a book.   (I've heard rumors that she is!)   I have yet to read the newest release, but I'm sure I won't be disappointed.   For a sample of his writing, read Polish Girls and Irishmen.

    • The Grasinski Girls was written by Mary Patrice Erdmans whose Mom is my Mom's cousin.   The book is full of interviews with her mother and aunts, all of them relatives of mine, so you see why I had to put it on this page!   Mary explores the private lives of these white, working-class, Polish-American women in the post-World War II generation comparing them, at times, to our own postfeminist generation.   A wonderful insight into how gender, class, ethnicity, and religion shapes the choices we are given as well as the choices we make.  For a reflection on this book, read Polish Girls and Irishmen by Tim Bazzett.

    • The rest of my book recommendations can be found on my reviews page.   Check it out!
  • Websites
    • Ben Hansen's website, Bonkers Institute. In the interest of full disclosure I must admit that I am the woman behind that man.
    • My sister-in-law Bernadette is one of those great teachers who really cares about kids and goes the extra mile to make her school a better place.   Her website is mostly just for her students and families, but she has some good links on it that are worth checking out.

    • Chateau Chantal is a gorgeous winery and bed and breakfast owned by Bob and Nadine Begin.  Nadine is my Mom's cousin; one of those Graskinski Sisters in the book above.  Even if we weren't related, I'd still think that they have the most beautiful winery in the area; and I have done my research.  Their website is very informative, including some delicious recipes.  They also have great jazz entertainment on a regular basis all year 'round in a family-friendly atmosphere.

    • My brother-in-law, emerson matabele is an artist with a camera who has a soul and spirit as deep and wide as the oceans he travels to create his images.   We are blessed with one he gifted us with in our entry way and it cheers us all in our comings and goings.   His pictures are worth more than any other words I can write, so click on the link and check him out.

    • Equine Art by Jeanne Rewa is a place to view and buy stunning original portraits of horses by my cousin's daughter.   Go look for yourself; I wouldn't include her on this list if she wasn't worth a peek.  Also some equally stunning hand-carved wands by her sister, Amy.   I would love this stuff even if I didn't love these women, but I do.

    • Besides being a profound, innovative jazz musician with a big heart, Jeff Haas is a magnet that draws other great talent to him.   Wherever he's performing you're certain to find unparalleled quality.   What a joy to be able to include him on this page!

    • Laura's Recipes is a food blog by one of the Moms from our own daycare family!   That means that not only are the recipes yummy, but they're practical too, since she's busy raising kids and holding down a full time job.   Not only that, but she inserts her funny, down-to-earth comments on food and family that make you feel like you're laughing and chatting with her around the kitchen table with a cup of tea.   Thanks so much Laura!

    • New Pages is the website of my sister Denise and her husband Casey Hill.   It's a dense resource of news, information and guides to independent bookstores, independent publishers, literary magazines, alternative periodicals, independent record labels and alternative newsweeklies.   Though aimed primarily at the literary world, even if you're not a writer or a reader (I've heard there are such people...) you'll still find interesting musical recommendations here as well as books and periodicals that are off the beaten path; the most interesting kind.   My favorite part of the site is the blog which used to be just snippets from other sites or magazines; now it often has a bit of editorial comment as well, usually by Denise who always is worth listening to.

    • Olson, Bzdok & Howard, P.C., is a specialty law firm located in Traverse City, Michigan, that provides high quality, progressive legal services to clients throughout Michigan and the nation, with an emphasis in environmental, natural resource, land use, real estate, Indian, and corporate law.   These attorneys really are the good guys.

    • Poet's Night Out     The best community poetry contest ever.   Made possible by our local library and a small group of amazing people.

    • Traverse City Kids is a new website put together by my friend, Jenika Cruzen Burden and her friend Kristi Weadock.   It's strictly a local site chock full of things to do with kids here in the Traverse City area.   The suggestions are organized several ways, by season, by age group, by topic and extend well into the counties surrounding Grand Traverse.   Besides activities there are lists of other entities that support parenting and while I don't endorse all their agency recommendations I highly endorse the great effort of these two women to offer help to their fellow parents.   If you are living or visiting in this area with children, check them out!

    • Wayne Piper was my favorite teacher back in high school and remains close to my heart after lo these many years.   After working in libraries for over 30 years, most recently as director of professional development for the Ohio Library Council, Wayne Piper Consults is how he has decided to "retire;" doing consulting work for public libraries.   If these are the services you need, I promise you, this is your man.

Holiness comes wrapped in the ordinary.
There are burning bushes all around you.
--Macrina Wiederkehr
© 2011 Christine Bazzett