Be careful how you live your life.   It is the only gospel that most 
people will ever read.--Dom Helder Camara

My Corner

The longer I am involved with families, the less inclined I am to write an advice column.   I've answered privately those who have sent me questions and will continue to do so while I struggle to create a format that is easier to maintain here.   In the meantime, please enjoy my articles, recipes and poetry all linked to on the left side of this page.

For now this page is undergoing some changes.   Since the website is my hobby it may take a long time to figure this one out, but I've got some ideas and I'm experimenting.   The first of them is the book review page which will see some streamlining and new priorities.   I no longer will review books that have nothing to do with families or child care.   This still leaves a lot of ground to cover, but it will also eliminate a few reviews that are already there.   If your review dissappeared from my pages and was linked to by some other page I apologize.   That's the breaks in cyberspace.

I would love to get suggestions from those of you who stumble upon this page.   What would you like to see on this website that you can't find?   What are the problems with the site and what are the treasures?   My goal is to make it a site that is useful and comforting to parents.   Feedback is really the only thing that can improve it.

Thanks so much,
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